Do you want to do business in a sustainable multifunctional office building? ”Garden Offices” at the Business and Science Park in Wageningen has it all and more! It has a beautiful entrance, various options regarding floor space and an inner garden with the meeting and catering facility called Meet & Eat!

Layout and facilities:
The office space will be delivered including:
•representative entrance with reception area;
• access control system by means of key cards;
• partition walls;
• cable ducts with electricity, data, telephone and WCs;
• possibility to use a central server room;
• suspended ceilings with built-in lighting fixtures;
• fire prevention by means of fire hose reels and powder extinguishers;
• electrically operated sun blinds;
• pantry facilities;
•up-to-date air treatment installation with top cooling;
•central heating;
•modern elevator.

Meet & Eat
Within the office building is ”Meet & Eat” which has recently been opened. You can work via free WiFi at this cozy meeting and catering facility with a terrace and you are welcome throughout the working week from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm for coffee, lunch and dinner by appointment.
The Meet & Eat has a meeting room with a 70 inch TV screen with internet connection. For a small fee you can rent this meeting room for your meetings, courses, etc.

Floor area
There are still a few office spaces available within the office building from approximately 16 m².
1st floor
• office room 16 m² RENTED;
• office room 23 m² RENTED;
• office room 46 m² for € 480.00 per month;
• office space 110 m² for € 1,140.00 per month.
2nd floor
•office space 132 m² for € 1,380.00 per month (divided over four rooms).

All prices are plus VAT.

Service charge
€ 30.00 per m² per year, to be increased with VAT as a deductible advance.

The list of supplies and services is available on request.

There are ample parking spaces on site. The costs per parking space are € 350.00 per year, plus VAT.

The starting point is VAT taxed rental. If the tenant cannot settle the VAT, the rent will be increased by an amount to be determined.

The lessor also offers parties the option of renting VAT-free against (small) VAT compensation.

Rental price adjustment
Annually based on the change in the monthly price index according to the consumer price index (CPI) series CPI-All Households (2015 = 100), published by Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

Rent and VAT per month in advance.

Security deposits
A bank guarantee or deposit amounting to at least three (3) months’ rent, including VAT.


Rental term
Minimum 1 year.

Other conditions
Lease agreement based on the most recent standard model of the Real Estate Council (ROZ).

Floor plans
The drawings included in this project information are only indicative. No rights can be derived.

The information provided does not constitute an offer but global information of a general nature. The information is no more than an invitation to enter into negotiations. CMC Bedrijfsmakelaars does not guarantee the correctness and completeness of the information. No rights can be derived from the content of this information.